With a little care, your flowers will last for years to come!

Avoid water.

Your flowers are made from a special air dry clay. If they are exposed to water, the clay will soften and the color may bleed.

To clean your flowers, you can use a can of compressed air (or a soft clean feather duster) to gently blow off any dust. (Or, store under glass.)

Display away from direct sunlight.

Like most pieces of artwork, exposure to UV light can fade the colors of your flowers. Avoid putting your flowers in a sunny window, and they'll do just fine! 

I keep my bouquet, the first one I ever made for my own wedding in 2012, on our mantel. It looks the same as on our wedding day.

Treat gently.

The flowers are quite sturdy compared to real flowers-- you can set down a wedding bouquet and not have to worry about bruising/breaking off petals or leaves-- but should still be treated gently! Squashing or crushing the flowers (such as transporting in a too-small box) can damage them. If you break off a petal, it can be reattached with a small dab of white glue.


Put your flowers somewhere they will stay safe and dry, but where you can enjoy them every day!

Vases and beyond-- There are so many neat options available, whether it's for a bouquet or arrangement, or for small items like corsages and boutonnieres. Shadow boxes are great for the latter, and can be hung on the wall or left free standing on a shelf; little glass jewelry boxes are a great way to keep them nearby on a vanity or dresser. Not sure how best to display your keepsake? Feel free to contact me for ideas! I love finding unique displays. <3