I enjoy and welcome custom orders!

To ensure the most accurate price quote and a quicker turnaround, it will help to have some ideas about your project. Knowing what event or recipient you have in mind is a great start; if you're stumped on how to proceed from there, please read my Decision Making Guide. You can contact me at WrenegadeFloral@gmail.com or via the contact form.


When you contact me, please provide any specifics you may have: when you need your flowers, what kinds of arrangements or accessories you'd like, and types and colors of flowers, if you've picked any. If you're unsure on flower types, including your budget for the project can help me rule out options that aren't a good fit & get you a faster quote.

I'll come up with some options for you to choose from, and after you pick one I'll send you an official quote. 

For large/event orders, a 50% deposit and signed contract is required before I begin work, and the balance of the order is due before I will ship your completed flowers. Your deposit is used to secure supplies necessary to complete your order and is nonrefundable.

For projects with a shorter turnaround time, like arrangements or other gifts and small items, payment is due in full before I begin work, and shipping costs are billed upon completion of the order.

I accept credit card payments as well as personal checks. Credit card payments can be made here on my website, through Etsy, or by PayPal invoice. There is a $50 fee per returned check. Full balance of your order must be received before your order will ship. Payment can be made in installments if you prefer; we can discuss this and make arrangements accordingly.

Please note, your price quote is based on our initial discussion of the project and the flowers chosen at that time. Requests for additions or changes deviating from this quote may result in additional charges.

For weddings, other events, and other large or complex orders. You can read a sample contract & quote here. Basically, it outlines the various deadlines that we'll need to keep in mind, and what each of our rights & responsibilities are. If anything is unclear to you, let me know! 



The amount of time needed to complete your order will vary; please allow three months for larger/wedding orders, and a minimum of eight weeks, between ordering and the date by which you need your flowers (wedding, pre-wedding photo shoot, holiday/birthday, etc). This will give me time to order any necessary supplies, for us to communicate fully about all options, and to accommodate shipping time. If your deadline is less than eight weeks away, contact me anyway! I keep supplies on hand for smaller orders and may be able to fit you into my production schedule.

Shipping costs are calculated at the completion of your order, as they are based on the size of the box(es) needed as well as the weight, and are either added to your balance (if you've made a deposit) or billed as an additional charge (if you've already paid in full). The flowers are surprisingly light, so don't worry, shipping costs are reasonable!


I can make your flowers in virtually any color. I hand mix the clay for each project from basic colors and can use paints and pastels to achieve further detail and effects. I am happy to match existing items (dresses, decor, etc), but I do require you to send me a swatch. 

For wedding orders, your quote includes a certain number of clay color samples and/or flowers; I'll mail them to you, and you get to pick what you like most! This is a great way for you to test how your chosen colors will look together, and will help ensure that your flowers turn out just as you intend.

If you know what your budget is, it is helpful to let me know in our initial discussion; this way I can present you with the most relevant and timely options.

Tweaking flower types, sizes, number, and color can have a great impact on the price of your project. I’m happy to discuss different options for whatever ideas or price range you have in mind! Certain flowers are faster for me to make, or may take less to fill out a bouquet. The amount of colors I use for your order also makes a difference, as mixing more colors adds time. If you have a lower budget, don't despair-- I will do my best to come up with some lovely options for you. <3


6” or under: Small, petite. Great option for a flower girl, or as a toss bouquet.
6-8”: Small to medium. Especially effective as a grouping of several large flowers.
8-10”: Medium to large. Showy without being overwhelming.
10-12+": Larger, more showy bouquet. Room for lots of different flower sizes and textures.

Your build, dress style, and the formality of the event are all important factors to consider. A larger bouquet may seem more proportional to a full ball gown or a taller/wider frame. A smaller bouquet may better suit a petite bride or short bridesmaids’ dresses. Or, try a single large flower for something elegant and different!


Have questions about the process, or if I can make flowers for your event? Contact me!