Frequently Asked Questions

Wait... these aren't real flowers??

Nope! I use an air dry clay (Claycraft by Deco) that was specially formulated in Japan for sculpting flowers. The clay feels kind of like marshmallow when it's wet, but dries to a velvety, slightly flexible texture.

Are they heavy? Or fragile?

No, not like fired ceramic/porcelain or baked polymer clay would be. They are very lightweight; when I encourage couples at bridal expos to handle my bouquets, they're always surprised at how light they are compared to real flowers! The clay has a lot of fiber in it, so instead of drying hard and rigid, they tend to have a little "give" to them that keeps them from being as fragile. They shouldn't be treated too roughly, but are more resilient to handling and use (especially in the course of a busy wedding day) than real flowers or ceramic would be. Let's put it this way: at our wedding, we launched our toss bouquet with a catapult!

What are some other benefits?

  • Great value, compared to real flowers that will be wilted the next day
  • A lasting keepsake, gift, or heirloom with no extra preservation or drying needed
  • Never out of season, and fully customizable!
  • Fragrance and pollen free; will not trigger migraines, asthma, etc

Do you only do weddings?

No; my flowers make great gifts for the special people in your life, for any occasion (or no reason at all!). Check out the Floral Arrangements gallery to see a sampling of what I've made in the past.

Bouquet replicas can also make great gifts. I can recreate a bouquet post-wedding from photos or verbal/written description. For most accurate results, please provide good quality photos, preferably from multiple angles and including a close up.

What kind of flowers can you make?

I'm able to make most kinds of flowers and leaves. You can check the Flower Index to see what I've made in the past, and visit my Pinterest to see Flower Inspiration folders, arranged by color, of all sorts of flowers that I'm sure I can make, but may not have gotten around to yet. There are more gorgeous flowers out there than I will ever have time for.... This is both a blessing and a curse!

The benefit of the clay is that you aren't bound by the choices you might find at a traditional florist. You can choose flowers that aren't in season, things like fruits and berries that might otherwise be too messy or fragile, garden classics that seemingly wilt as soon as picked. Night blooming flowers. Outrageous colors never before seen in nature. Think outside the box, because I can probably make it!

I don't know what kind of flowers I want. Can you help me pick?

ABSOLUTELY. I'm kind of a rabid fangirl when it comes to plants, and I love coming up with ideas for clients! 

Your wedding colors and the season of your wedding or any close holidays can be great stepping off points for coming up with ideas. Maybe you'd like to incorporate your mom's favorite flowers, or something she carried in her own bouquet. You can also let me know flowers and colors you don't like, so that I steer clear of them.

What colors can I get?

Pretty much any-- I mix all the clay by hand from primary colors. I'm able to match fabric swatches/color samples. I can also add two-tone, shimmery, and metallic details with paint to add further dimension or realism to your flowers. 

How does pricing work?

I don't offer package pricing, as every part of your order will be made by hand to your specifications and everyone's looking for something a little different. I prefer to work directly with clients to offer the fairest pricing specific to their vision and budget.

When I provide you a price quote, I take into account the time it takes me to make the different kinds of flowers, to mix clay colors, to add extra painted details or other upgrades, to construct finished flowers into a bouquet or other item, and for any other materials or finishing touches your order needs. That's a lot of variables, which means it can be helpful if you are able to provide a budget amount when we begin discussing your order-- that way I can tweak the numbers of flowers or clay colors, or suggest alternate, more budget-friendly flowers, and get you the best fit.

As a general guide, an 8" bouquet tends to average $150-350; a 10" or larger bouquet averages $300-500; boutonnieres start at $20; corsages start at $30. For more on wedding/event pricing, read this.

For gifts and arrangements, pricing varies according to complexity, flower type and quantity, any special finishing requested, and if a vase or other container is needed. $15 and up. Teacup arrangements average $50-75.

What kind of turnaround time do you need? Is it too late for me to order?

  • Bridal orders (i.e. more complex orders with a variety of items or color matching needed): 3 months
  • Arrangements (i.e. a variety of flowers in a container or vase): 2 months
  • Small items and gifts: 1 month

Having a longer time frame gives us more time to communicate, work out what flowers you like/want, and trade color samples (if needed). I also need to account for drying time for the clay, as well as ordering the amount of clay necessary for large orders, and time to ship your completed order. I'm also usually working on different parts of multiple orders at a time. That being said-- if you are interested in having me make flowers for you, but your time frame is shorter than what's listed here, contact me anyway! I may have finished flowers stockpiled that would be a perfect fit for you, or may otherwise be able to fit you in to my schedule depending on your order's complexity. 

If there isn't enough time, remember: I can replicate your bouquet from photos after the wedding, so you can still have a gorgeous keepsake. This can make a great anniversary/holiday/birthday gift, and has the benefit of less stress because we don't have the wedding as a deadline. It gives us time to communicate and get your bouquet just right, or even better than what it was. For most accurate results, please provide good quality photos, preferably from multiple angles and including a close up.

Do you require a deposit?

For wedding orders, I do require a deposit  to hold your date. 

For small arrangements and orders, I ask for full payment before making and shipping your order.

What is your service area?

Anywhere! I live near Westminster, MD, so relatively near Baltimore and Washington, DC. I offer local pickup and shipping options here, and can ship across the USA and worldwide! The flowers are lightweight and sturdy, making shipping very affordable, and I pack them carefully so that they arrive in perfect condition, ready for your wedding/event.

How will we communicate about my order?

We can do whatever is easiest for you! I'm happy to work out details for your order via phone, email, or in person over a coffee. I find that email can be great for sending pictures and keeping a written record of everything, but if you're inundated with email and prefer a phone call, that's what we'll do!

Are there any special care requirements for my new flowers?

Not much! Since the clay is air-dry, not baked or fired, you should avoid exposure to water. For wedding orders, I include rain gear to protect your flowers if there happens to be rain on your wedding day. And like most fine art, direct sunlight can fade colors over time. For more detail, read this