Pink Passion Bridal Set

vibrant crabapple blossoms

I created this set for my display at a bridal expo. I used a mix of vibrant pink crabapple blossoms, fluffy white English (aka David Austen) roses, and snowberries. For a little extra kick, I added marbled leaves in shades of peach, orange, mint green, and purple. 

I love the contrast of larger, fluffier flowers against smaller flowers and berries. Having a mix of sizes and shapes can really give  bouquet a sense of balance. Crabapple and apple blossoms are a personal favorite, so this bouquet was especially fun to work on!

For the bouquet's underside and handle, I embossed white clay with a lace texture and cut out the shapes to give it the look of lace appliqué. The handle is also wrapped in a layer of tulle and soft fabric lace.

Corsage & boutonniere: Matching flowers; lace wrap on boutonniere and a sparkly rhinestone wristlet for the corsage!