Pricing For Weddings, Proms, & Other Events

Flowers make a great gift for any occasion or recipient! Pricing varies according to flower type and quantity, any special finishing requested, and if a vase or other container is needed. $15 and up.

Floral Arrangements and Gifts

Pricing for custom bouquets will vary by the kind(s) of flowers you want, how many colors, and the overall size of the bouquet. I don't offer package pricing, as every part of your order will be made by hand to your specifications.

For convenience, I do offer a few pre-designed bouquet options:

All Roses: A lush bouquet of velvety roses in the colors of your choice. Elegant and classic, a great match for any color palette, wedding theme, or dress style.

  • Small (8"): $200
  • Medium (10"): $275
  • Large (12"): $350

Artist Mix: Modeled after my own bouquet, which always sparks interest at bridal shows. This is a gorgeous, deluxe blend of flowers of different types and sizes in the colors of your choice. You choose one type of flower, and I'll pick the rest to complement it. Great option if you want a lot of variety, or don't have a flower preference.

  • Small (8"): $300
  • Medium (10"): $450
  • Large (12"): $600


Start at $20


Start at $30; wrist or pinned options available.


Flower girl baskets, hair clips & flower crowns, decorations for ring pillows or cakes, centerpieces... Every wedding vision is a little different! I'd love to help with the special details in yours. Pricing varies.

Other Accessories

Rhinestones, crystal sprays, feathers, flocking, metallic finishes, hand painting, and other accents can be added to your flowers & foliage! Pricing varies. 

Extras, Add-Ons, and Upgrades

Your flowers will last for years to come, so be sure to display them in style! I'd be happy to pick vases, shadowboxes, etc to complement your flowers. Pricing varies.


If you'd like to discuss ideas for your project, get a better sense of pricing, or just say hi, contact me!