Upgrades & Add-ons

The following illustrates what types of finishing might be included in the pricing for different products, as well as optional upgrades and embellishments that can be added for an additional charge. Want something a little different? Just ask, and I'll source the materials and get back to you with a price. 

Bouquet Handles & Wraps

Basic Bouquet Holder

I coat a plastic and foam bouquet holder/handle in clay; the underside is finished with clay leaves to complement your flowers, and the handle is wrapped to your choice! Lightweight, sturdy, and ideal for a tight arrangement.

Basic + stems

The basic holder, but with stems attached to the handle. Get the look of stems without adding a lot of weight or extra cost.

Hand-Tied Stems

A looser, romantic look. No bouquet holder base, each flower is on its own stem.

Ribbon & Tulle

I wrap the handle first with a layer of ribbon that complements your flowers, then a layer of tulle. White or ivory can soften dark colors, or go with a brighter color to make a bold statement! The result is an airy but elegant wrapping that is soft and comfortable to hold.

Faux Rhinestone Wrap

Add a little bling to your bouquet! This is a simulated rhinestone ribbon-- each "stone" is actually a little indent in the plastic with metallic finish. It looks JUST like the real thing, but without the extra weight or cost, and is soft and comfortable to hold. Available in a variety of colors!


Great for a casual or rustic look. Available in light or dark brown.

Clay Lace -- Half Wrap

Instead of leaves, I can layer the underside of your bouquet with delicate appliques of lace-textured clay. Choose white for a classic lace look, or colors to match your flowers! 

Half wrap option includes the bouquet underside and bottom of handle, but leaves the handle undecorated so that it can be wrapped.

Clay Lace -- Full Handle

Love the lace look and don't see a need for other ribbon or wrapping? Get the whole handle and bouquet underside covered with clay lace for a lovely brocade look.


Ribbon Wrap

Stems of flowers/foliage in the boutonniere are wrapped in ribbon.


Pinback Boutonniere Holder


Wrist Corsages

Rhinestone Wristlet

Stretchy bracelet style, fits most wrists comfortably. Available in narrow and wide; a cluster of flowers and leaves can be attached.

Pearl Wristlet

Stretchy bracelet style, fits most wrists comfortably. A cluster of flowers and leaves can be attached.

Full Flower Wristlet


Hair Accessories